Arteriosclerosis And Vascular Occlusion


Most of heart and vascular disease begins with arteriosclerosis and vascular diseases with an obstruction occurs as the increased problem thoroughly . Arteriosclerosis, the major cause of a slow-growing vascular occlusion . High cholesterol levels in the blood causes hardening of the arteries , hypertension, diabetes , smoking, genetic factors.Accumulated fat cells in the vessel wall, formed on the basis of arteriosclerosis plates. Over time, the vessel wall plaques that accumulate gradually over the first blood clots , and then accumulate in the formation of hardening of the arteries causes an increase in calcium , the main factor in the formation of hypertension, hardening of the arteries . With the increase in the accumulated fat and clots in the veins of this vessel wall around the narrow well , especially with more than half of narrowing of the blood flow in our body starts to hinder thoroughly the various symptoms begin to appear. First, a slight obstruction , leg pain with walking a long time , numbness, weakness and inability to walk and congestion increases, begin to emerge. With the increase in walking distance of more than obstruction and pain occur at the last stage, the patient has pain at rest . Congestion full well when broken leg blood flow and nutrition , ultimately, heal tissues begin to emerge. Early in the blood thinners , drugs that increase circulation , and in particular with the almost complete correction in ozone therapy , various surgeries may be required in patients with late presentation , or even need to cut the leg .

A result of a blockage in the arteries and blood supply and therefore oxygen supply of docks broken. These types of problems , especially diabetes, hypertension may increase disease , heart attack, stroke, arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis are at the basis of such diseases , these diseases is the final stage of arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis .

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