Benefits of Ozone


Ozone is a gas with a very high oxidation power and strength of the most powerful dezenfektandır.Yüksek oxidation , ozone is caused by bacteria play an active role in the destruction of olur.Ozon complete disinfection effect of gas under the same conditions klorunkinden is more than 3125 times . Sports, cysts and viruses are more effective than chlorine .Also, ozone is produced by fragmentation of the oxygen in the air after completing disinfection due to the unstable nature is always the raw material into oxygen .

After ozone disinfection, disinfectant residual , and the fact that one does not leave residue , use of the food industry , makes it an advantage over other disinfectants .

Ozone is complete as soon as possible depending on the dosage and the half-life of the smell and the taste turns into oxygen with the raw materials without residue disappears.
Why Ozone against other disinfectants

Bırakmaz.soluduğumuz air or pure oxygen, ozone gas residue is obtained. Naturally the only disinfectant. Due to the structure of unstable oxygen into ozone gas .

Environments for living organisms known to be far superior to chemical disinfectants able to oxidize and ease of use of ozone does not leave for a variety of flavor and fragrance industries and application areas where increases entering .
What Is The Difference Between Ozone and Negative Ion ?

Negative ions are molecules of dust in the air (usually a positive charge ) They move them to suffer .
Ozone gas molecules in the air ( oxidizing , parts) is energized.

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