Chronic Hepatitis B Disease


Hepatitis B infection , hepatitis B virus ( HBV) infection by a virus called the disease. Starting as an acute illness, chronic disease is likely , then chronic cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer can develop when . There is a vaccine for hepatitis B infection underdevelopment , as you know, in Turkey, in the national immunization program, vaccination against hepatitis B are also available. Turkey as well as the frequency is very high in the world , the incidence of chronic hepatitis B infection is very high in our country . The most important finding of chronic hepatitis B virus infection, chronic fatigue , it is always very high infectiousness . Treatment with interferon therapy without disease progression of the disease can be reduced.

Ozone therapy , hepatitis B both acute and chronic stages of the very effective. Direct lethal hepatitis B virus on the ozone is effective. Ozone treatment of hepatitis B virus in the bloodstream that all dies , proliferation is reduced , thereby reducing the possibility of the disease chronicity . Ozone therapy, tissue destroyed replacing the liver cells , which provides a reduced risk of developing cirrhosis and liver cancer . Ozone therapy by increasing the immune system also reduces virus replication . The ozone treatment is much more economical than with conventional treatment methods , the main method in this disease are in the form of intravenous treatment of major , minor , in addition to this method we call treatment method must also be provided and also administered rectally . Ozone therapy , infectious hepatitis is very effective , the ozone treatment should be applied in patients with hepatitis .

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