Heart Failure and Ozone Therapy


Heart failure, cardiac structural or functional disorder due to a filling and / or discharge of a complex disease is impaired . Heart failure society of about 1.5-2% detected in available. The incidence increases with advancing age . 6 to 10 % in people over the age of 65 can – . Of situations that lead to heart failure , ischemic heart disease ( the most common ), hypertension , cardiomyopathies , infections , toxins (alcohol or cytotoxic drugs) , heart valve diseases. In the treatment of most digital derivative drugs, diuretics , drugs are used to reduce the burden of the heart muscle, heart medications and supportive .

Oxidative stress that occurs during the course of the disease and the associated inflammation ( inflammation ) , the treatment is thought to have caused some interesting approaches . One of them is the “non-specific immunomodulation ” seen in recent years and the interest in experimental and clinical studies have reported positive results . One of the important methods of treatment used for this purpose ” 5 to 10 ml of the patient ” is based on the basic principle of the blood is injected into the patient’s own muscle . This is the basic approach is one of the latest clinical trials of medicine is one of the most respected magazines published in the Lancet in 2008 (Lancet 2008; 371: 228-36 / Results of a non- specifi c immunomodulation therapy in chronic heart failure ( ACCLAIM trial) : a placebo -controlled, randomized trial) . In this study, the above fundamental principles promising for a year was about 15 auto injection .

Ozone therapy , and in particular with the same principle minor autohemotherapy (5-10 ml of the patient ‘s blood ozone / oxygen mixture after treatment with intramuscular application ) are promising in the development of the functions of patients with heart failure . Which is a safe treatment without side effects and minor autohemotherapy approach , or replacement does not require discontinuation of medications . Extremely easy to apply , and the patient does not require special medical equipment consists of a simple intervention . In particular , this method can increase the comfort of life in patients with ejection fraction of the many fallen , may produce satisfactory results for many patients .

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