Hypertension , high blood pressure means . Body, especially the degradation of the vessel wall and damaged vessel wall narrowing of the artery walls called atherosclerosis occurs as a result of bad cholesterol build-up . On a number of metabolic imbalances narrowed veins and hypertension may occur. To put another point of sending a blood fountain roughly hearts , veins carry blood from the water hose with a hose shrinking more difficult as we think it is understandable knocking . Therefore, the need to reduce the treatments vessels expand and blood pressure .

Extend the lives of patients with hypertension medications should use for this purpose vessels . Is fed through the veins of all the organs in our body affects all the organs of hypertension . The expansion of the ozone in the treatment of vascular walls purpose , a number of harmful substances in the walls of blood vessels and at the same time cleaning the blood circulation as a result of depletion stepped up much more . Ozone in the fine capillaries in the lead up to the other drugs used in all of the fluidity of the blood vessels to expand , and at the same time increasing its highest level without harming the body . Ozone , making them also regulates the release of hormones in the body by providing a balance called homeostasis .

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