Infections influenza-like


The face , especially in cold weather in the spring , including influenza infections , childhood, youth and old age, in every period of our lives as we face , it is often mild , but sometimes a group of diseases which can be fatal . He came to our mind as we think of a case of outbreaks as well as individual as the people who may be affected. Comes to our mind the most important outbreaks of swine flu , bird flu, flu in China , the Japanese flu outbreaks . As is clear from the detailed description of epidemics and the spread of a disease occurring in emerging and a group of viruses . Very mild complaints such as may occur in the elderly and in people with chronic diseases fatal to any complaints that may arise. General symptoms of fever, fatigue , joint and muscle pain , eye pain, redness , burning and tearing, further you cough , runny nose, burning and pain in the throat and is a state of general malaise . As stated in the classic drug is taken in 7 days , a week is not taken medication improves. The main reason for lethal influenza during the influenza infection on the body weakened and that the addition of any other infection . Basis of the treatment is to consume foods that can relax and drink plenty of fluids . For the reduction of pain, fever and pain reliever and fever reducers are available .

The most important detail of influenza infections in infants, the elderly and chronic disease ( heart disease, heart failure, COPD, asthma , bronchitis, chronic renal failure , diabetes , etc.). Watching in people with more severe influenza infections may lead to even death . Therefore, in this group of patients is very important to consult a physician immediately when symptoms occur . Here is the treatment of diseases such as ozone comes into play . How do you say , all the people in this group of patients , and perhaps the ozone treatment process, they decrease the risk of influenza infections . Ozone therapy strengthens the body , ozone therapy is almost as effective as a vaccine . Ozone therapy, as it provides protection from influenza infection , the proliferation of viruses that have the disease in the body engeller.Ozon yakalanılsa treatment of influenza infections provides a complete well-being .

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