Ozone is Inappropriate Diseases


1 Favizm : an enzyme in red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen in our blood ( glucose-6 – phosphate dehydrogenase ) deficiency is associated with a substantial population who have a disease known as bean allergy , 2 Hyperthyroidism : Thyroid gland function , 3 Alcoholism : Excessive use of alcohol, 4 Severe anemia : severe anemia 5 Bleeding and clotting disorders or prone to bleeding in patients with clotting problems (hemophilia , thrombocytopenia, etc.)

6 Pancreatitis : Chronic and recurrent inflammation of the pancreas gland

7 Infarction : a new and improved myocardial infarction within 6 hours of stroke , such as bleeding in some patients continue to actively

8 Ozone allergy : allergy to Ozona (very rare ), or those with intolerance ( intolerance , which can be rather smell ), the application can be made.

Ozone Treatment of diseases, which have a good rest before the start of the patient , a complete physical examination should be performed and , if necessary, before the application of laboratory analyzes in some patients, the situation should be checked.

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