Ozone Sauna


Known benefits of ozone can be applied to the entire skin of the body with ozone sauna . Ozone Oxygen therapy to destroy disease-causing micro-organisms and toxins in the body promotes healing . Thus, helps to release toxins from the body . Ozone therapy, oxygen therapy , and changing the chemistry of the body at the same time gives the body strength to the body fight diseases .Toxins in the body’s natural cleansing ( detoxification ) increases the amount of oxygen that help the process .
Relaxation of the muscles of lactic acid provides breaking down .
Oxidize toxins . Oxidized immediately discarded the body of toxins .
Provides faster healing of muscle damages are increasing blood circulation .
Accelerates the metabolic processes in the organs and glands of internal secretion .
Skin viruses, bacteria and fungi will not.
It allows you to clean the skin soft, refreshed .
Makes the cells to breathe normally .
Chronic fatigue and provides a treating diseases caused by environmental factors .
Strengthens the immune system .

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