Ozone Therapy and Anti Aging


Who for many years to protect the youth , would not want to stay healthy and fit ! Scientists for many years, did extensive research to discover the secret of maintaining youth and as a result, a new method has emerged: Anti-Aging . According to the philosophy of Anti-Aging , the important thing is not how long you live , it is how much quality time we live in ! We now know that the youth be able to reach out and delay aging . Soon to push the boundaries of the human lifespan of 125 years . As well as advanced age, middle-aged and  vigor !

Of course there is a lot to do against aging . However, one of the most important ozone therapy. Elderly people respond well to treatment with ozone . Maintain the goal of this method is that the energy of youth for many years , to build resistance against diseases and to stay awake …

There are many causes of aging , but the most important three factors we can control a large extent : Free radicals, hormones decline and unhealthy lifestyles . You waging war on these factors , many years to maintain your youth .

Ozone therapy is achieved through better utilization of oxygen by tissues , increases cell renewal , allowing the immune system and aging in the body against free radicals , the body’s antioxidant system is activated .

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