Ozone Therapy Frequently Asked Questions


Is Ozone is an alternative method of treatment ? : Although the source of ozone therapy in advanced Western countries (Germany and Italy) with a different mechanism of action of drugs in conventional Western medicine has suggested . Ozone therapy , a drug known to give the human body , rather than a treatment that activates the body’s own internal dynamics . For years, the human body ” fish medicine” by giving him the key issues pathogenic treatments in contrast to ” teach to fish ” or ” can not notice the difference it ettirerek problems ” is a method of treatment of diseases, supporting the body’s fight . For this reason, ozone therapy is not an alternative medicine , complementary , or more accurately phrase ” holistic – integral ” method of treatment. Systems in the body to activate the mechanism of action and clinical and experimental studies in recent years have been revealed.

Is ozone safe treatment method ?

Ozone treatment was applied in Europe, millions of times in the last thirty years . Outlining the basics of medical ozone therapy is one of the most important scientists , Dr . Bocci Velio implements more than one million , and almost no major side effects autohemotherapy reported encountering . Most of the side effects of treatment with ozone treatment itself does not need to be considered during the application of the rules of asepsis and antisepsis uyulmayışı full of blood emerging from the place concerned with local issues and a rare allergy citrate . Ozone therapy is very important to be carried out by appropriately trained medical doctors . Patients should know , the ozone used in the treatment of sets “disposable” is that . However, ozone-resistant materials are used , reliable and expected to know the patient . For this reason, the physician to apply ozone therapy should be considered to be reliable . Necessary to clean the skin before opening the vascular access ( antiseptic application ) and the application must be taken after the closure of the vessel entered in the appropriate area .

Ozone therapy can be used in order to lose weight?

Ozone treatment that alert the human body can be considered as a grafting method . Up metabolism and is known to increase the amount of energy derived from fat . However, only by the ozone treatment should not be expected attenuation . To be applied in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program within three months of weekly average ozone treatments (10-12 major autohemotherapy ) greatly facilitates fat loss . Regulation of blood sugar , the well-being of ozone occur in people who applied , easier to control appetite in the morning, giving yorgunluklarının weight reduction and increased mobility easier. Especially metabolism is slow, very easy to lose weight and to give the people who are forced to achieving and maintaining ideal body weight of ozone therapy is one of the biggest helpers .

Ozone treatment of skin disorders such as cellulitisaffects ?

The most important cause of cellulitis is impaired blood circulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue . Especially women’s hips , thighs and belly fats accumulated in the formation of cellulite fast. Adipose tissue is less than in other tissues, the blood circulation of the skin where the veins are under pressure because of the flexibility . Ozone therapy regardless of where the body regulates circulation, support vessels and tissues . This effect also takes advantage of the subcutaneous fat tissue and ozone therapy significantly improves the circulation of the skin . Ozone therapy provides a major contribution to the effect that the beneficial effects of weight loss .

Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases such as ozone therapy Is there a benefit ?

The experimental and clinical studies, patients with neurological diseases such great support from ozone therapy may have emerged. Neurons in certain regions of the brain can not work and have become paralyzed patients lose the function of nerve cells in a complete re- thought to be helpful to perform the task . Unlike many other cells in the human nerve cells are not renewed. Thus, the present cell is very important to support combat disease . Ozone therapy in oxidative damaged nerve cells that help produce a signal again can help patients regain their lost functions . In addition, ozone therapy in cases such as depression, has great benefits to support nerve cells . Physicians specializing in the treatment of this topic should be consulted with respect to ozone .

Ozone therapy is used to remedy sexual problems ?

Both cases of diabetes as well as depression, reluctance on the ozone therapy is known to be great benefit to people . Although there is not yet enough clinical studies , particularly mood disorders, depression, and social problems arising from the treatment of a major help in sexual coldness .

Ozone therapy is how long it takes and how much total ozone treatment What is the frequency should be ?

20-30 min treatment are major , minor treatment application takes up to a minute . What kind of application is at the discretion of your doctor how long they will be applied . Curing accepted treatment session lasts for about 10-12 sessions, covers a period of 2-3 months . Diabetic foot , into a parallel improvement in circulatory disorders and neurological diseases in different treatments may be recommended. Especially recommended minor autohemotherapy autoimmune diseases may persist for 15 to 30 -day intervals .

Healthy individuals can ozone therapy, what kind of effects will occur if it gets ?

Especially some of the modern lifestyle has detrimental effects in all individuals over the age of 35 . 100 years ago the food we eat our way of life , has shown great changes in light-dark cycle . Repeated frequently encountered in everyday life, head and body aches, lack of drive, fatigue, boredom, morning fatigue , inability to concentrate such situations ( if not associated with a particular disease ) complaints are due to the modern world in which we live . One of the situations experienced by many of us did not notice , but ” an increased level of anxiety is” . It ‘s best to rest in sleep the brain of the human body , and people are busy, especially in the morning as the uyanmaktadırlar dinlenememiş . This is due to many reasons and so many people over the age of 35 can look forward to benefit from significant ozone treatment . Some of the expected benefits of increased well-being, easy to concentrate , fitness, and dinlenmişliktir . Ozone therapy is also emerging in parallel with aging, atherosclerosis, blood pressure , blood sugar and blood fat disorders as well as contribute to the improvement of conditions .

Why is ozone therapy used in very different diseases ?

Ozone therapy is not a cure in administering drugs to the human body . Some mechanisms are already present in the human body is supported with this treatment . One of these mechanisms is needed in red blood cells to the tissues is that oxygen more easily . Disease who have a blood supply to the passage of this feature is a great help in many diseases . Oksitadif stress and oxidation of molecules in the body is an important problem in many diseases . To do to get rid of this situation, ozone therapy is one of the best practices that strengthen the body’s defense system with this method and oxidizing activity of harmful substances is eliminated. Ozone therapy , especially in patients who consume alcohol and smoking, and the effects of these harmful habits for the disposal of the body, as well as very useful in supporting the will of the people who want to quit .

Interfere with ozone treatment conditions ( contra ) Is there ?

Ozone application situations must not be ( contra ) are listed below. Do ask your doctor if you have these diseases is expected.

Hyperthyroidism ( thyroid gland, excessive workers )

Ozone treatment of those who have applied for days in high amounts of alcohol ,

Red blood cells, an enzyme deficiency ( G6P dehydrogenase ) Favizm disease and associated with those who have

Severe anemia and blood- related disorders ( hemophilia , bleeding, clotting disorder , etc. ) , in patients with

Inflammation of the pancreas gland ( pancreatitis ) in patients with

New advanced cardiac infarction and cerebral palsy oyah continued bleeding in patients with active ,

Citrate allergy

Pregnant women , especially during the first trimester (first three months) should not be made unless expressly required no treatment . Although there is no known harmful effect on the ozone treatment , pregnancy, particularly for baby is a critical period of development of the ozone treatment is not recommended.

What is the Ministry of Health perspective ozone treatment ?

Ozone therapy today, the U.S. ( 16 states ), Germany , Italy, the United Kingdom about 20 countries , including developed countries such as the Ministries of Health accepted method of treatment. Physicians deal with ozone therapy is very new in our country . Effectiveness of this treatment on patients with ozone therapy and who are interested in applying for doctors from the Ministry of Health were examined by a commission created by the ministry of this treatment modality . Currently, local (regional ) , and studies were included in the social security continues to ozone applications .

Is there any university hospitals that use this method of treatment ?

Ozone therapy , and patients who are interested in implementing major universities and their departments are as follows . Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation , Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , Faculty of Medicine, Maltepe University, Department of Pain . Medical Ozone Association ( www.moder.org.tr ) his scientific meetings and seminars on a regular basis are participating physicians and patients in many branches of ozone therapy begins with the application . With the availability of new diseases in our country , and about the mechanism of action of ozone therapy in experimental studies, Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Department of Physiology , Faculty of Medicine , especially in many universities (Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal , Konya Selçuk , etc.). Continue with the education and research hospitals

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