Ozone Therapy Have Losses


Ozone Therapy used safely for many years . Therefore, there is much evidence documented known about it . In 1980, a study of the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy , 644 therapists tarfından ozone 5,579,238 384,775 patients were treated with ozone . Side effects seen in only 40 cases . So incredibly low rate of 000,007 % of ozone and has proven to be a safe means of medical treatment .With the smell of ozone itself provides protection that allow us to take extreme measures when it provides its own unique smell .

Modern devices allowing to obtain micrograms of ozone on the basis of therapeutic treatment in experienced hands unmistakably safety. Time.This is a natural warning smelled of ozone , should solunmamsı , irritant to the lungs .
Recently ozone impregnated oils ( ozoil ) by inhalation Inhalation of asthma and other respiratory diseases , especially in the treatment of breakthrough .ozon terapi

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