Ozone Treatment Of Hair Loss


Ozone therapy stimulates the hair follicles , stimulate proliferation of the cell , the cell being fed increases . Thus, reduces hair loss . Also shows the effect of ozone on the scalp , dandruff stop. Under the influence of ozone will accelerate hair growth , hair follicles growth phase longer , shorter resting phase . Ozone is easily electrified hard and soften hair . Ozone , the head cap is applied to the scalp in the hair dye is really oxidize the remaining ruins of the scalp clean chemicals . Excessive lubrication of lubricating hair returns to . Ozone therapy is a combination of all of the following methods in the scalp for the effects of :
• through blood ozone therapy ( autohemotherapy or rectal ozone therapy )
• Ozone mesotherapy ( injections of ozone scalp )
• Ozone bone ( bone ozone into the scalp and hair is given to the application of ozone )

Ozone is applied to the scalp in which situations ?
• Hair loss
• Dandruff
• fungal infections of the scalp
• allergic diseases of the scalp

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