Ozone Treatment of Skin Diseases And Cellulite


Medical ozone is known and medically proven antibacterial ( bactericidal ) , antifungal ( fungicidal ) and virus growth inhibitor ( virostatic ) features disinfecting infected wounds , treatment of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, offers an effective solution .Given these basic features Ozon , dermatology come to the fore as one of the most suitable application areas . Today, ozone can not be solved with drugs and many skin diseases have become a chronic condition or a very effective method of treatment applied.

Ozone Treatment of Skin Diseases and cellulite

Ozone antioxidant activity of skin cells , strengthens and improves the physiology of disease and battle damaged cells to acquire. In addition, the infectious agents of disease to show a direct effect on skin diseases, ozone eliminates microorganisms . Early diagnosis is very important in the treatment of other diseases, such as ozone treatment , and the best results are obtained by using the acute phase of disease onset, or .

Ozone is used skin diseases :

Skin infections : Herpes , pyoderma
Autoimmune Skin Diseases : Localized scleroderma , psoriasis ( psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis ) , lichen planus
Allergic Skin Reactions: acne , eczema , neurodermatitis, dermatitis herpetiformis , Seborrheic Dermatitis
Other : Alopecia ( baldness) , varicose ulcers ( venous ulcers )

Cause of cellulitis subcutaneous adipose tissue capillary circulatory disorders. Ozone provides the benefits of this disease is very effective .

Ozone / oxygen gas mixture telangiectasia ( visible cracking of the skin capillaries expand or become ) used to . This situation is different varisten . In this disease , and high ozone concentration of micro- needles pierced the vessel ozone / oxygen gas mixture is injected into the cavity of the damaged veins are veins are eliminated . telangiectases appear completely disappeared without a trace .

Wrinkles and EYE RINGS
Facial wrinkles occur as a result of skin aging . Ever understood the reason for dark eye circles and treatment of a skin lesion been found . Blood ozonlaması fixes made ​​through the ozone therapy has been observed dark circles around the eyes .

Under the skin of ozone / oxygen gas mixture increases the blood flow is applied to the tissue and cells, accelerate regeneration of accumulated toxins and metabolic wastes out of the cell is discarded.

Injections of ozone in the skin, expression lines and wrinkles resulting from the recovery of old age will help.

CRACKS (striae )
As a result of the addition of the table hormonal condition in people with an inherited predisposition , excessive stretching of the skin leads to cracking . This is because the separation of collagen and elastin fibers . Not being able to play a role in the mechanism of development of collagen- producing cells of the tasks . Initially form cracks in the colors of red – purple. Over time, solar and pearl colors are white in color .

Cracks in the skin of ozone / oxygen mixture injection stimulated the production of collagen , collagen repair cracks on the dollar . Tense and improves skin color .

In cellulite in different concentrations of ozone / oxygen gas mixture is injected under the skin in small quantities .

dermatitis herpetiformis
Rapid weight gain , pregnancy, hormonal disorders , and some cracks in the skin leads to the so-called striae . Do not pass the red color of the stretch marks , even a full time Solsan . However, the ozone treatment of this disease may lead to a big difference .

Ozone therapy as soon as dark circles around the eyes , and is not to come back for more .

Fungal Infections of skin and nails Ozonterapi
Ozone has long been used successfully in yeast infections .

Prolonged action necessary for treating fungal infections , is achieved through the ozonated oil applications . Nevertheless, the fungus treatment can take weeks or even months .

Plastic bags by means of ozone is applied every day , every day are ozonated oil .

Surgery scars ( scar , scar )
Ozone traces of surgery relieves or completely resolve. This so-called scar or scar formations and in the immediate vicinity of subcutaneous injections of ozone disappearance or improvement of tracks a few sessions may be sufficient.

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