Rheumatic Diseases


Society known as rheumatic diseases of the disease is a disease of at least 150 . The most well known of the so-called articular rheumatism rheumatoid arthritis , osteoarthritis , ankylosing spondilittir . Rheumatic diseases, as we know, our bodies moving bones, muscles and joints related diseases system . This is a result of diseases , widespread muscle without moving action or bone pain, redness and swelling in the joints , limitation of movement , and sometimes several complaints , such as temperature increase can be maintained in the region . Rheumatic diseases are often chronic diseases , but more commonly seen in women , the incidence increases with age . Rheumatic diseases, chronic diseases affect the whole life of man to be , rheumatic disease, people who themselves feel tired all the time , way more than other people may have to use painkillers . Rheumatic diseases are often the reason is not clear , to rebel against the body ‘s own cells and tissues of the immune system-related diseases such as appraise .

rheumatic diseases

• The exact cause is often not clear
• is not contagious – infectious diseases
• can be hereditary
• overlaps more load to the joints in fat increases the severity of rheumatic diseases
• Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption causes an increase in complaints by disrupting the structure of blood vessels
• Diabetes and high blood sugar levels by disrupting the vessels increases complaints
• Some of the rheumatic diseases in the lungs, which can involve internal organs such as heart and kidney
• Weakness and fatigue, fatigue – often seen , especially in the morning
• Treatment should be arranged by a specialist
• Despite treatment, most patients would not be completely destroyed complaints
• Pain , swelling , limitation of movement , such as it tries to be reduced by treatment of complaints
• The basis of treatment , based on the suppression of the body’s defense system
• treatment of rheumatic diseases lasts a lifetime
Rheumatic diseases , the body’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory called ozone treatment systems are activated , so that the body’s own cells and tissues of the war launched against is suppressed . After all the body is able to deal with the disease becomes easily . Line stage with ozone therapy increases oxygenation of tissues , veins, circulatory problems will be resolved on ; tissue reactions is reduced. Minor Autohemotherapy method call begins with the immune system to work properly . Improve the quality of life of patients with ozone therapy , it becomes a regular naps in the morning, they were awakened feel more vigorous , they begin to use less pain medication . Ozone therapy is not interrupted in patients receiving no medication , ozone along well with all the drugs , reduce the effectiveness of any drug . Because of pain in patients with chronic rheumatic disease usually affects impaired, often feel depressed all the time and always yorgundurlar themselves . Ozone treatment of patients starting to take , the more they begin to feel really good about yourself , even after the second session . Strengthened with ozone therapy increases the patient’s self-confidence , he feels more powerful , the better combat the disease , psychology, life improved and the patient begins to look more laughing .

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