Rheumatism and Ozone Therapy


More than 150 rheumatic diseases among the people known as the common name of the disease . The most common ones are known and articular rheumatism ( rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis , ankylosing spondylitis ), soft tissue rheumatism ( back , neck, back , leg pain, and fibromyalgia ), and bone resorption is known as osteoporosis. Stated that the majority of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism , called joints, which has the shape of this group think that they are much smaller than the disease . However, the large joints and muscle tissue discomfort in most patients .

As this introduction rheumatism different parts of the system to move our body (muscle , bone , joint, and it combines the structures of bonds) which includes a group of disorders . One or more of the following symptoms at the same time is having common features , these common symptoms are pain, swelling , redness, increased warmth in the area of motion and sometimes held . Fatigue, muscle aches, often seen as weakness complaints . Rheumatic diseases are more common in women in general , and the incidence increases with age . However, it can be seen in rheumatic diseases in childhood .

The exact cause of this type of unknown diseases, excessive activation of the body’s defense system is one of the main problems . In many patients, some of the defense cells in our body actually does not do a job to do , the body attacks its own tissues . This situation is common rheumatic diseases called autoimmune reaction . For we do not know the exact cause of the success of this treatment is limited.

Rheumatic diseases are the facts:

The exact cause of rheumatic diseases known to a significant part of
Mostly not contagious – microbial
Inherited characteristics ( genetic predisposition ) is important in some
Obesity increases the severity of rheumatic diseases , such as factors increasing the load on the joints
Smoking and excessive alcohol also causes an increase in vascular disorders by disrupting the structure of
Such as smoking, diabetes or high blood sugar levels over time, leads to the same results as corrupting vessels
Some rheumatic diseases and joint next to the skin , lung, heart and internal organs such as kidneys hold
Fatigue, weakness and fatigue , especially in the morning – often seen in patients with rheumatoid
Take time to diagnosis and correct treatment of rheumatic diseases may take longer time for planning
Complaints from the best drugs to a patient , even if it may not be good the next patient
Treatment should be organized by specialist physicians do
In most cases, does not eliminate the disease completely planned treatment by a physician
Pain, swelling , limitation of movement , such as help reduce complaints
Increasing complaints as soon as possible without treatment , treatment for long periods spread
The suppression of the body’s defense system, the basic principle of treatment
Most of the treatment of rheumatic disease lasts a lifetime

Ozone treatment of rheumatism and

Ozone treatment of the body is not any medicine . Activated by the body’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory call systems . In this way, the body is able to deal with the disease becomes easier . The above-mentioned vessels are fixed on circulatory disorders , better oxygenation of tissues is provided. Autohemotherapy called minor works more smoothly with the method of the immune system ( immunomodulation ) are scientific data . By this time the majority of us have followed the ozone treatment of patients with rheumatic pain, decreased , and increased quality of sleep medications, have reduced the expression . Ozone therapy does not require cessation of any rheumatic drug interactions. There are no known harmful or side effects .

Another benefit of ozone therapy in rheumatic diseases often seen in mood disorders, exhaustion , depression , chronic fatigue arises as to the complaints . There are many strong side effects rheumatic drug . This is mostly due to the side effects would be affected by the kidney and liver . And a large number of long-term kidney and liver damage occurring in patients using the drug to show protective effects of ozone therapy . Follow-up of people with rheumatic disease themselves, in consultation with the attending physician would be advisable to periodically clear that ozone therapy .

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