Rhythm Disorders


How exactly known to occur in heart rhythm disorders . Circulating oxygen free radicals in our body , such as breaking the hearts of all cells and tissues , causing disruption of the transmission system which produces the rhythm can cause arrhythmia . Ozone therapy, oxygen free radicals by increasing antioxidant activity , and this causes the damage, it reduces the collapse . The transmission system with ozone therapy in heart muscle around the circulation, oxygenation of the blood supply and thus prevent the development of arrhythmias is increased and consequently, the ozone treatment , the improvement of existing arrhythmias may lead to . Ozone , as a result of stress, stress hormone called adrenaline washes , parts , so reducing blood levels of adrenaline enables the recovery of high- adrenaline arrhythmias that may occur as a result . Gas exchange in the heart muscle due to the oxidative properties of ozone also increases and may cause the development of arrhythmias or dysrhythmias as an obstacle to the development of the accumulation of certain hazardous substances is prevented.

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