Sexual Dysfunction


Male erectile and orgasmic difficulties in women , sexual desire , and vaginismus is very common in our society and is often trying to solve one’s own sexual problems. In our country, about half of men over the age of 40 is sexual dysfunction in women frigidity , lack of orgasm and sexual function disorders like vaginismus begin to appear from the period of puberty and can not be underestimated input common.This type of sexual dysfunction and are active on the basis of a strong organic or psychological , after removal of these effector this problem to be resolved. Cause of the problem in men , hormone-related reasons , for reasons related to the nervous system , cardiovascular diseases, diabetes can be . Especially do one-third of men with diabetes , mild, moderate and severe sexual dysfunction can be . Stress , smoking, and alcohol causes an increase in these problems .

For three months in a male erection enough for sexual intercourse is unable to obtain the desired hear if you need to talk about erectile dysfunction . In this case a search for the cause of the underlying must . Cardiovascular problems , the most common cause of erectile dysfunction . Also erectile dysfunction , as well as the cardiovascular disease is aging , high cholesterol levels , high blood pressure and a number of diseases including diabetes develops as a result . The case of diabetes , the arteries that carry blood to the penis in a narrowing of the small blood vessels in the erectile function in men, erectile dysfunction due to nerve damage emerged. Hardening and narrowing of the blood vessels can cause high blood pressure . This in turn reduces the flow of blood to the penis and causes erectile dysfunction . Such as high blood pressure , heart disease and high cholesterol levels, reducing the flow of blood to the penis can cause erectile dysfunction . Stress, anxiety and fear of failure can lead to erectile dysfunction, depression next . Men suffering from erectile dysfunction due to physical reasons, they also depressed , feel stressed and anxious . Prostate surgery can damage nerves and blood vessels located next to the prostate , can cause erectile dysfunction . High blood pressure, heart disease , allergies , depression , anxiety, and some drugs used to treat diseases such as ulcers , can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect . Chronic kidney disease, chronic alcoholism and multiple sclerosis (MS) are other diseases that can cause erectile dysfunction .

Patients with erectile dysfunction , primarily a urologist , gynecologist or psychiatrist, he is there by contacting any underlying organic cause should be investigated.

Ozone Therapy , the classic of all diseases, disorders of sexual function by increasing the blood supply and oxygenation may help to decrease the problem of hardening . Looking at the underlying causes of sexual dysfunctions görülecektirki , ozone therapy is effective in all of these diseases . Thereby ozone treatment , by treating the underlying disease is also helps reduce sexual dysfunction . This type of ozone treatment of sexual dysfunction in reducing the need to apply for 3 months .

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