What is it and How Does Ozone


Ozone is a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3). Normal atmospheric diatomic oxygen ( O2), which is a form of very high energy . The molecule so that the two kinds of structures are different from each other as follows : colorless O3 room temperature , a gas with a characteristic odor . ( After stormy weather , or by the sea is felt in high places ) . Greek name of “smell” , which means the income ozein’den . Schönbein German chemist Christian Friedrich (1799-1868) was discovered in 1840 by . Floor levels close to 10 million air particles, a particle per O3 ( = 0.1 ppm = 200 mg / m³) at concentrations found in the form of smoke . An altitude of 2000 meters , a decrease of more 0:03 to 0:04 ppm levels dropped.

Very strong and very effective disinfection oxidizing feature, supplying drinking water treatment plants throughout the world is used as disinfectant .

Active oxygen ( ozone O3 ) is the most effective antimicrobial and anti-odor . The sun’s ultraviolet rays and ozone caused by electric arcs of lightning occurring instantly around the world, and is available as a protective shield protects the animals against the effects of the sun’s radiation .

Ozone as a result of lightning strikes , cleans the air . Especially heights and sea shores , as the smell of the fresh air we breathe , it creates a feeling in the air , lightning strikes that occurred during the ozone.

Ozone (O3 ), oxygen (O2 ) is a molecule (O) consisting of the addition of the oxygen atom is colorless, pungent -smelling gazdır.O2 + O1 = O3 . Oxygen carrying high energy in an active form . Is one of the most important gases in the atmosphere and helps to maintain the biological balance in our world . Prevents harmful rays . Never wrong, as it is known havamızda ” is not a polluting gas . Makes it possible life on earth .

Nowadays, in order to take advantage of the many benefits of ozone in the ozone production technologies have been developed .

Health and healing can not take place without oxygen . Human food for 1-2 months , 1-2 weeks without water , but without oxygen , but can live for 5 minutes . The most basic need for setting up oxygen . Many diseases , tissues and organs that need to re- provision of sufficient oxygen can be prevented or cured completely .

In today’s world, just take a breath , now does not provide enough oxygen for the body . Our bodies are constantly in our air , suyumuzdaki and contaminated by toxins in food . Below 21 % of the amount of oxygen in our cities , and continues to fall. Smoking, stress , sedentary lifestyle , unhealthy diet and lack of oxygen in such situations increases the accumulation of toxins in the body added . This chronic fatigue , premature aging , disease and predispose to cancer . To ensure adequate oxygenation may have to do anything more than breathe .

Ozone production technologies of living things need oxygen to tissues and cells , and that the most effective treatment for the most powerful known toxins that destroy .

How Does It Happen ?

Normal atmospheric diatomic oxygen ( O2), which is a form of very high energy . The molecule so that the two kinds of structures are different from each other as follows ;

O3 colorless at room temperature , a gas with a characteristic odor . Rain , lightning , stormy weather , then felt in high places, or by the sea . High- voltage transformers , high voltage power lines , televisions , and the smell of ozone can be felt behind the copier .

The decomposition of ozone in nature with the sun’s ultraviolet rays consist of air or during a lightning storm . Nature itself negative ion , hydroxyl radical (plasma ions ) and ozone cleaning, ozone is a natural cleanser of rain during the thunderbolts in terms of safety is the most powerful oxidant , such as chlorine and bromine traditional chemicals ( residue and has the side effect of them ) without any side effects compared to alternative water and air cleaner. Ozone is produced and used in place certainly can not be stored .

FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) and the USDA ( United States Department of Agriculture ) and approved by the communication of materials in contact with food is certified as organic .

Changing the regulation on food additives, the FDA has approved the use of ozone as an antimicrobial agent . This change was published in June 28, 2001 by the federation and meat , poultry and other food products with ozone in the gas phase and water suggested to be used as safe and effective antimicrobial agent .
General Features of ozone ;

Active oxygen ( ozone O3 ) is the most effective antimicrobial and anti-odor . Median income in nature through the sun’s UV rays or lightning strikes . Available as a protective shield around the earth and all living things, protects against the effects of lethal radiation .

A chemical compound consisting of three oxygen atoms . Normal atmospheric diatomic oxygen ( O2), which is a form of very high energy . Thus, the two kinds of structures of the molecule are different.

Symmetric expansion of the ozone molecule oxygen atom .

Known Ozone Triatomik oxygen , active oxygen
Molecular formula : O3
Components: Oxygen Atom
Molecular weight: 48
Boiling : -111.3 C
Color: – 146 C, light blue liquid
Color: – 220 C dark blue crystalline form
Color: Colorless + C
Odor : pungent odor after 0.02 ppm , after completing the half- life does not smell .
He deg C Solubility in water : 0.64
Density: 2,144
Flammability: Not flammable . However, strongly supports the combustion event
Fire and Explosion risk: an unstable gas and ozone decomposes to oxygen under normal conditions . However, iron , copper , chromium and other elements in an environment with high temperature can be explosive .
Ort.Kons is Mak.Müsade . : 0.240 mg/m3 . in the air

Major Uses of Ozone

Ambient air cleaning
Water disinfection
Swimming pools ozone
Taste, color , turbidity and odor removal
Removal of heavy metals
Disinfection of bacteria and viruses
Food storage ozone
The use of ozone in poultry
The use of ozone in supermarkets and grocery stores
Red meat processing plants, the use of ozone
Food plants in the use of ozone
Ozone in cold storage
The use of ozone disinfection of container
The use of ozone in greenhouses
The use of ozone in aquaculture
Removal of air -borne diseases
Disinfection of bottles and food containers in food industry
Cold storage
Veterinary and animal husbandry in eliminating the infection
aflatoxin purification
Food and removing sulfur in the air
air-conditioning systems
Removal of the virus in human blood
skin diseases
Diseases caused by viruses
circulatory disorders
chronic fatigue
Acne , skin diseases such as psoriasis, fungal resistant
And neurological diseases such as migraine, multiple sclerosis
Infected wounds difficult to heal
Hospitals, airports, hotels , and baths with air conditioning system , where
Air conditioning, boilers , cooling towers, humidification systems, the destruction of fatal Legionnaires’ disease and so on.

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