Women’s Diseases of Ozone Therapy


Infectious origin or malignant gynecological diseases , ozone therapy , alone or combined with other therapeutic agents . Anti -infective properties of ozone therapy , strengthening the immune system and tissue repair properties of enhancing properties vermektedir.İltihaplı very successful vaginal diseases gynecological diseases , urogenital infections, cervical lesions and inflammatory diseases of the ovaries and tubes , uterus , cervix , and ovaries malignant tumors , uterine cancer therapy is used effectively ozone gynecological diseases.

Fungal need ozone , as well as effective in the treatment of bacterial infections . Disappear rapidly with ozone therapy, especially fungi . For this reason, the ozone treatment of vaginitis itchy runny – corrected as soon as possible .

Major ozone therapy ( blood ozonation ) of ozone intestine through the anus ( rectal insufflation ) of ozone into the vagina ( intravaginal insufflation ) the main methods used in gynecological diseases . Condition of the patient a combination of one or several of the above methods can be applied .

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