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Major Therapy


Major Autohemotherapy major therapy, also referred to as the patient’s own blood taken from his body after injection of medical ozone gas , made ​​by giving back to the same channel . Elimination of toxins , tissue regeneration, immune and circulatory system , and for the purpose of strengthening the main ozone therapy is a method that allows for a lot of the body . After the blood has been collected for a period of time is expected to arrive in a homogenous state of ozone with blood . During this time, a kind of blood is brewed , the blood

Minor Therapy


Minor alansa autohemotherapy Another effective application of ozone is used . Minor therapy, the patient , a small amount of blood is taken and blood cellular components , preserving the ozone is added to the blood . With the mixture injected into the patient as soon as possible , positive results of problematic kanıtlanmıştır.Minör therapy of blood , by intramuscular injection into the general circulation and the immune network , immediate intervention is facilitated.Nucleic acid- living tissue against infection or stress

Ozone Oil


Ozone is the most favorite products of the last days, ozone and olive oil miraculous combination of functions, being used in the treatment of many skin diseases. Ozonated olive oil to stand in pure oxygen molecules in the ozone obtained by the oil, the skin is being with massage techniques.Ozone oil, bacteria living in the region do not have pus is formed upon contact with the infection, viruses, and parasites, such as fungi, a kind of poisoning, dying through oxidation. Removal of a positively charged electron oxidation is performed in

Ozone Therapy Have Losses


Ozone Therapy used safely for many years . Therefore, there is much evidence documented known about it . In 1980, a study of the German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy , 644 therapists tarfından ozone 5,579,238 384,775 patients were treated with ozone . Side effects seen in only 40 cases . So incredibly low rate of 000,007 % of ozone and has proven to be a safe means of medical treatment .With the smell of ozone itself provides protection that allow us to take extreme measures when it provides its own unique smell .